A Night In The Life Of


Boxia drops his debut album ‘A Night In The Life Of’ on Drumcode. A musical portrait inspired by friends. Each track represents a personal memory. Since breaking through in 2015, Boxia’s music has quickly progressed him into the upper echelons of underground dance music stardom. Quiet and unassuming by nature, his sound is drenched in transcendental atmosphere and evocative soundscapes; making it a perfect meeting place for the warehouse energy of Techno and the intelligent thoughtfulness of Progressive House. For all of us, clubbing and nightlife are a myriad of sights, sounds and experiences. With the concept of this album, Boxia has sketched some of the characters he’s met along the way. “I wanted this album to be as much about the people that I’ve met, as it is about me. People I talk to every day; people I only encountered once, and my life long companions.” He says. “Each track is inspired by my personal interactions with these people. The quiet but dedicated raver who never leaves their spot on the dance floor. The friend who disappears at every party but always turns up hours later with a huge smile on their face and an amazing story. The chance meeting with a complete stranger who shares your entire outlook on the world. Each track on this album sketches an audio portrait of these characters who have inspired me.” Over the fourteen tracks, these ‘shared experiences’ take the form of warehouse stompers, melodic soundscapes and delicate, personal moments. More than just a collection of club tracks, ‘A Night In The Life Of’ lifts the lid on a producer with startling range and a razor sharp sonic palette, tapping into his own personal memories to create moments of incredible introspection. Take opener and title track ‘A Night In The Life Of’ for example - which marries pounding beats, sparse percussion and Trance-like synth work to form a detailed picture in the minds of its listeners. Boxia takes you on a unique, ultimately uplifting journey with each track utilising texture, tone and emotion. After six powerful and musically rich club tracks, the relative calm and broken beat stylings of ‘Give Love Always’ is perfectly placed, showcasing Boxia in melancholy reflection away from the bright lights and buzz of the main stage. Equally, the album’s closing track ‘Last Nightclub’ also benefits from a reflective stance. “I have shared experiences with such a diverse and wonderful crowd on both sides of the stage.” Boxia says, “I hope that in listening to this album, people will be able to see themselves, and their friends reflected in the tracks in the same way that I do - as each track aims to build an audio portrait of their identity.” Wildly entertaining, deeply personal while being equally personable, this is a perfect snapshot of an artist at time in his life where he’s ultimately at ease with himself and the music he currently excels at making.

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